About Me

I’ve been a creative artist my entire life, focusing on video for the past decade in particular. I feel free and at ease when working with video, and digital media. I often find myself lost in another world when editing, or researching a new project. Working in multiple video layers all over a time line, my modern day canvas. Or Wikipedia link surfing in my research, tracking down obscure Philosophical texts. Not once has a video piece of mine ended as I first envisioned. They are always so much better than I ever could have imagined. Often times I find myself really never wanting them to end at all, for it is in the creative process that I get the greatest amount of pleasure. Mixing and mashing, splicing and dicing. I follow no rules. I use video from every source I can find. My expensive 4K camera, my smart phone, youtube, or from illegal torrent sites. Using vpn identities from countries most people haven’t even heard of, like I’m some sort of spy, or hacker criminal or vigilante. I’d be a liar to say I don’t get pleasure from breaking the rules. I am a vehement enemy of “Copyright”, preferring the “Copyleft” doctrine of taking. Improving. Passing it on. Maybe Video Pirate might be a more accurate term for me. I often feel this way on the Internet when searching for assets to put in one of my videos. A painter uses different colors and mediums, a sculptor uses different substances and objects. I take whatever moving, or still image I believe will make my art better, and make it my own. I have this unbelievable source of material spanning over a century of film and video history to pull from. And it’s not just images, and sounds. It’s content. Content who’s meaning changes when put next to, over the top of, or under something else. Like in poetry, words have meanings unto themselves. And when you build a poem, those words transform into countless possibilities. It is the same approach I use when assembling my video montages.


An assault on the senses, a visual, and auditory overload. An attempt to tap into something ethereal, something in the unconscious, something that you just can’t put a finger on. The concepts behind Antonin Artaud’s “ Theatre of Cruelty” is something I try to emulate in my videos. A visual cacophony to express the euphoric highs, and tragic lows that are the human condition.
Another subject that interests me, is the idea of the fourth person narrator. The omnipresent, god like point of view. Something I’ve been working on in my video art for several years now. I’m also very interested in Political, Performance, and Temporal Art, and it’s role outside of the commodity driven “Art Market”. Every one of my video art pieces are the product of endless historical, and philosophical research. Often people ask me how much time goes into editing one of my videos. And it is roughly 99 percent research, and contemplation. And 1 percent editing. And honestly it might even be less than that.